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Air Cargo Pricing Index

Airport-to-airport general cargo pricing index, tracking
volatility across the major air cargo trade routes.

Key Features


Weekly general
cargo prices ($/kg)


Based on transactional data
from global air forwarders


Transparent methodology
for industry standard metrics


Major global origin
destination (OD) pairs

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How the TAC Index works

Main Index Formula

Available to all users

Subsector Indices

Available to data providers only

*Additional Key Performance Indications (KPIs) also available to data providers.

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Key Features


Data is supplied by global air freight forwarders

All data is at the transaction (house and master AWB) level


Clearly defined methodologies are used to calculate industry standard reference prices

All reference prices are calculated as volume weighted average prices


Data is uploaded every Monday by 0900 UTC for the previous week (Monday-Sunday)

The TAC Index aggregates and publishes market data every Monday by 1400 UTC for the previous week (Monday-Sunday)


Data is uploaded over secure, encrypted channels via an API or browser

All published data is completely anonymous

No transaction data is stored on the front end servers


All transaction data is fully verifiable and auditable

Data is cleaned using data validation and statistical filtering at a transaction level to ensure data integrity

No OD pair is published until it passes a number of strict thresholds

Data Delivery Channels

TAC Dashboard

Dashboard features comparative charting functions. Both company and user administration functionality is also accessible through the dashboard.

TAC API Web Service

TAC API functionality is available upon request at no additional charge. Short IT team setup required. Enables access to data in CSV file format.

Monthly Report

TAC Monthly Reports specific for both Data Providers and Subscribers are available upon request at no additional charge. Bespoke report requests are available for an additional fee.

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